10 unique Norway wedding venues for intimate ceremony

Are you dreaming of a breathtakingly unique and unforgettable intimate ceremony? Look further than the stunning wedding venues in Norway. With its rugged landscapes, majestic fjords and rich cultural heritage, Norway offers the ideal setting for a wedding celebration just for two or with your guests. Imagine saying your vows with a magnificent view of the fjord, or exchanging rings in a charming wooden lodge nestled in the heart of mountains and waterfalls. From rustic barns to modern architectural marvels, Norway offers a wide range of venues to suit all tastes and styles. Whether you're planning an intimate ceremony for just the two of you or with a few close friends and family, Norway has the perfect venue to make your dreams come true. So embark on a journey to explore the enchanting wedding venues in Norway and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Small and cosy wedding venues in Norway for intimate celebration

Enjoy an exceptional wedding venue close to Oslo with a sleek industrial style or embrace the tranquility of the Norwegian countryside in a charming farm or hotel surrounded by mountains and fjords. These intimate wedding venues offer a varied choice, a rustic barn, a refined old decor or rather modern for the ceremonies. You can also enjoy a comfortable reception space, offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your elopement. It's a return to Norwegian roots with local cuisine and a very calming rural atmosphere. This makes them perfect places for an intimate time with friends and family.

Ingensteds: The place is located in the center of Oslo. It's a venue for cultural events located in a former industry. There are high ceilings with white painted walls and large windows which let in great natural light. The decoration provides a cozy and warm atmosphere. It is also possible to rent sound equipment, crockery and some decorative accessories for the table. Please note, however, that this location is not accessible all year round for weddings.

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Skjelbreid Poirée: This wedding venue offers a lodge with panoramic views of the Bjørnafjorden. The traditional Norwegian lodge has large windows which let in light and allow you to admire nature. You can choose to entrust them with the planning of your wedding or do it yourself. The accommodation has a capacity of 30 people.

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Hardingasete: This venue is a perfect location for weddings. The venue can accommodate up to 90 people for dinners and wedding parties, and accommodate up to 75 people for overnight stays. The dining room is located in Bergeløa, a barn from 1860. The houses are restored in the old style and construction techniques. This venue can be a great experience for your intimate wedding.

A room in Storfjorden Hotel


This hotel is located near the majestic fjord called Storfjorden with its rustic and charming architecture. It’s the ideal place for an intimate wedding – or a romantic elopement for just two people. Storfjord Hotel can be rented as a whole for a wedding with groups. The hotel has three private dining rooms, all with views. The rooms are comfortable and spacious with views of the Storfjorden or the surrounding forest.

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Hotel Union Øye

Union Øye:

This hotel is a marvel located in the isolated hamlet of Øye by the Norangsfjord. In such a majestic setting with breathtaking scenery and sublime royal decoration, you will find the peace you need to enjoy your dream wedding. Union Øye also has a “Romantic getaway” offer which could delight couples looking for more privacy for their wedding just for two.

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Breathtaking and unique wedding venues in Norway for a very intimate wedding

For couple with a sense of adventure, these wedding venues in Norway are incredible. It’s a combination of modern design and untouched nature creates a truly unique elopement experience. These locations offers an otherworldly backdrop for your elopement in Norway.

Hotel with a raw norwegian nature

Juvet: I think there is no better quote that their “ Leave the world behind”. This place is a true architectural gem surrounded by wild and untouched nature. It's the perfect place to connect with nature and experience a unique intimate wedding - elopement. It is the perfect place for those who see nature as a luxury and appreciate modern architecture. The Juvet landscape Hotel has a small venue and hosts intimate events for up to 30 guests. If you are looking for a quiet place in perfect connection with nature for your intimate wedding for two, the Juvet landscape Hotel will be the perfect place.

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wedding venue in norway in a treehouse

The woodnest: Do you dream of taking off and flying off to your wedding? You should love Woodnest with its tree houses. This place lets you experience the adventure of Norwegian nature without having to give up luxury and comfort. You might also like the exceptional view from your cabin over the fjord.

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The bolder: The Bolder Lodges overlooks the Lysefjord, one of Norway's most spectacular fjords. A place where people from all over the world want to discover and enjoy its picturesque beauty. This natural terrain deserved something bold and unique. This can be the perfect wedding venue for your wedding preparation and night.

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Lovely cottage as a Norway wedding venue

The Norwegians have a real sense of aesthetics when it comes to interior decoration. They are also very good at finding the perfect view for their cottage. They know how to create a relaxing place in perfect communion with nature.

a wedding couple walking near cabin in norway

These wonderful Norwegian cabin are called “hytte” in Norwegian. Staying in a hytte is an integral part of the Norwegian way of life. If you are looking for a unique experience for your wedding, you might like this experience, Norwegian style. Norway has thousands of cabins near mountains, waterfalls and fjords. Certain architecture combines perfectly with nature and offers a breathtaking view. You can find small, refined and aesthetic cabins as well as more rustic and raw cabins but still offering an exceptional view.

Here are some examples:

  • Large and unique cabin with a great view: The cabin is located a two-hour drive from Osloat, in Vegglifjell. It is suitable for people wanting a unique chalet experience in the Norwegian mountains. The cabin is suitable for 2-3 families/12 people. The cabin has a 270° view of nature only, without any other cabins or buildings. It is a cabin that stands out from traditional Norwegian cabins, while blending into the landscape.

  • Cabin with great view of the fjord: This hytte offer a fantastic view of the Vindalfjord, this beautiful holiday home welcomes you to a quiet location by the water. The cabin is tastefully and comfortably furnished, so you can enjoy the beautiful view from the comfortable furniture in almost every room. It is a true haven of peace, perfect for an intimate wedding for two or a small group (8 people max).

  • Modern and comfortable cabin in mountains: This is a large cabin built in 2021 with a beautiful location in Langedalen (Seljestad). The cabin has large bay windows which brings lots of light to the living room. The cabin can accommodate up to 10 people. It offers a terrace all around the cabin with sun from morning to evening and a jacuzzi. The furniture is simple and refined. This location is perfect for an intimate wedding in perfect connection with the Norwegian lifestyle.

Outdoor wedding venues in Norway

Norway's stunning natural landscapes offer a range of outdoor wedding venues, perfect for couples looking for a romantic and picturesque setting for their celebration. From majestic fjords to serene mountains or waterfalls. Here are some very interesting points to know for those wishing to have their ceremony in the Norwegian countryside:

Nature belongs to everyone In Norway

There is a law that says nature belongs to everyone. The right of access to nature is an existing principle according to which everyone has the right to explore and enjoy natural spaces regardless of their land status. Nature therefore makes it an ideal wedding location and especially when we talk about Norway with its picturesque landscapes.

Officiants can celebrate your wedding in the great outdoors

religious ceremony in the mountains in norway

It's pretty crazy but possible, if you want a legal wedding in the countryside, the mayor of the town can come to your wedding location even if it's very isolated. You should see the example of a wedding in Trolltunga in my article, a famous hiking spot. If you want a religious ceremony in the mountains, this is also something that can be done in Norway. Finally, the symbolic ceremony officiants will also be happy to accompany you for your union in the great outdoors.

If you are about to get married in Norway and are looking for inspiration on the location of your ceremony, I will be happy to help you! There are many hidden gems in Norway worth discovering. These are unique places for an intimate ceremony surrounded by nature.

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