What is an Elopement wedding?

Where does it come from and what does it mean?

Before defining what is an Elopement in 2023, it’s essential to understand its context, origin and what does it mean to elope in 2023. The term “Elopement” is of English origin, “to elope” means “to run away”. This way of getting married comes from the United States.

In the past, the term elopement referred to running away in love. Usually, when a couple wanted to marry in secret, often against the consent of their family. The dictionary defines Elopement as an act or instance of running off secretly, as to be married.

A traditional wedding is most of the time punctuated by key moments of the day. Elopement responds to personal desires to escape the classic protocols of marriage. It's an intimate and original way of uniting, synonymous with adventure and wanderlust.

What is an Elopement in 2023 ?

The term has since modernized, it is no longer a question of running away and getting married in secret. For instance, it's rather a question of achieving a wedding closer to our values ​​and our desires. It is a wedding in a very small group that takes place the vast majority of the time as a couple. But, it's still possible to bring your closest friends and family with you, we are talking about fifteen people.

Elopement is nowadays a way of living your union differently. It is a great opportunity to find yourself in a dream place for a perfect romantic idyll. The main idea is to forget the codes of traditional wedding and giving way to your dreams for this very special day.

How do you know if an Elopement is for you ?

This type of wedding is for you if you can't recognize yourself in a traditional wedding format. This marriage can seduce you if you are looking for simplicity. It's also perfect for couples who want to live an unforgettable experience in the heart of nature. If you're still not sure if elopement is right for you, here are some questions that might help you decide:

  • Are you ready to ditch the idea of ​​a traditional wedding for something more like you?
  • Would you like to live your day more intimately without being in the spotlight?
  • Are you concerned about the organization and logistics of a big wedding?
  • Do you like to focus on the essentials, you as a couple, and enjoy the day?
  • Is it adventure and travel that drive your life?
  • Do you make it your leitmotif to live intense and strong stories?
  • Knowing that you could exchange your vows in the middle of nature makes your eyes shine?
  • Would you like to follow what your heart tells you?

The elopement in Norway that I offer to my clients is base on these questions. It’s about sharing your own story in your own love language.

To learn more about how you can elope in Norway, click here.

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