Pregnancy photoshoot in Sauda, Norway

Why do I pregnancy photoshoot ?

I wanted to take advantage of this pregnancy photoshoot I did in Sauda to share with you the reasons that lead me to offer you my services for this type of session. Becoming a mom completely changed me. The desire to become a mother came to me very late, at 28 I was not yet ready to take on this role. Not to mention the fact that you have to find the right person to commit to this stage of life, I was just afraid of becoming a mother.

Looking back, I now know why I was scared. I knew I couldn't do things by halves. I knew that if I committed to becoming a mother, I would invest myself 100% for this child.

I know I'm not the only one feeling these emotions. As a mother, we don't try to be perfect, but a lot of pressure rests on our shoulders and we can quickly feel overwhelmed if we want to do too well.

I wanted to open this parenthesis for you. As a pregnant woman, you can already feel a certain pressure and even if it only lasts a few months, it can be very frustrating at times not being free to eat or do what you want. This is why I want to offer you the opportunity to be able to stop for a moment and immortalize this stage of your life.

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An intimate and peaceful session

Marte gave me all her confidence for her pregnancy photoshoot. As a photographer herself, she already had an idea of what we could do together. We discussed before our meeting to find out what she would like to obtain as a type of image. She told me that it was her 3rd pregnancy but that she had never dared to take more intimate photos. And that's good because I specialize in this type of image. Helping the woman to feel comfortable in her body, I make it one of my priorities during my sessions.

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We have therefore selected 2 outfits in order to vary the atmosphere and attitudes during the session. With the music playing in the background, it was a calm and pleasant moment during which Marte was able to reconnect with herself and her baby.

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