Breastfeeding photoshoot in Haugesund, Norway

A tender and sweet moment with a mother and her child

I am pleased to meet you today to share this sweet moment suspended in time. I'm taking you to meet a mother and her son for their breastfeeding photoshoot. It was a clear autumn day, the leaves were turning yellow. It would have been the perfect day for an outdoor session, but instead, I met Karina and Amund in Haugesund for this photo session which was intended to be more intimate.

Karina had already trusted me during her selflove photoshoot, so we didn't need to chat much before starting the photoshoot because she already knew my way of working. We also wanted to take advantage of Amund being calm and relaxed to start the session.

What a Breastfeeding photoshoot with a mom and her baby really is ?

I always take the time to get to know you better before starting a breastfeeding photo session. I like to know your habits with your baby and simple things such as what you like the most during this tender moment. Stroking his hair, gazing into hers, saying tender words to her? All these details count and help me tell your real story, the one you'll want to keep forever in your heart.

During this kind of session, it's not an obligation to breastfeed. This is the reason why I also like to call this photoshoot : a skin-to-skin session. There are so many things happening by just being close to your child and practicing skin-to-skin. Being there and sharing a calm and sweet moment with your baby is a way to keep beautiful memories of you and your baby.

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I loved taking part at this moment with Karina and Amund. There was a nice connection and a lot of tenderness between these two. Even if the mother confided to me that her boy was rather active, he gave me a completely different face during this session. He was very calm and he even ended up falling asleep at his mother's breast.

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