How to get natural pregnancy photos?

In this article, I wanted to talk to you about how to get natural pregnancy images photos during your session. Indeed, a number of parameters are taken into account, as the experience of the photographer or your collaboration. We have to think that we are a team! Let's see without further delay what to do or to plan :

1. Be relaxed and let go

When I meet my client for the very first time for her pregnancy photoshoot, 90% of the time, she admits that she feels a little stressed and nervous. And you know what ? yes, it's perfectly normal! It's not a comfortable situation to leave your image to a complete stranger. You may have already been following me on my instagram for several months but nothing replaces a real human exchange, right ? Even if we've exchanged beforehand you never really know what to expect.

It's important that you know that I respect your emotions and your fears. It's also for this reason that I like to discuss with you before starting the session. I like to ask you how you feel (I mean really) and talk about the more basic things of everyday life. It's important for me to know because I am deeply interested in your health and your emotions. I know that, we have most of the time up and down during pregnancy's life. So what better that to be able to share our own experiences !

The more relaxed you are, the more you'll let go and the more beautiful you'll be. Your natural softness is really the most beautiful thing, believe me, you don't need to do much else!

To help you feel relaxed, I practice explaining how the photo session will unfold. I also put on music because it brings a rhythm and creates a more cozy atmosphere. Finally, I can do relaxation exercises with you before starting.

2. Movement helps to achieve natural pregnancy photos

This is the key to achieving natural images. In any case, this is what I practice throughout my photo shoots, I make you move from start to finish. By making simple movements, you will not have to wonder where to put your hands and you will be less frozen. The image will be much more natural by focusing on your gestures and that is exactly what we are looking for here.

3. Confidence in your photographer

If you have chosen this photographer and not another, you may already trust her. But, as our brain always likes to imagine the worst scenario then it's quite possible that you don't trust it 100% yet! But how can you trust your photographer then ?

One of the most important parameters, the one I put above all the others is communication! It seems to me essential, primordial and unavoidable that you can be listened to. Also, you must feel that it is possible to communicate with your photographer without any difficulty or apprehension. If the respect is mutual, then this relationship can only be beneficial in the result of your images.

By the way, I wrote about that in my 'guide to finding the photographer of your dreams'. You should have a look if you want to discover more about that. It's free and you can download it in this page (link at the end of the page).

4. The background and the choice of clothes

I was talking about collaboration at the very beginning of my article. This is where our roles are very important. To ensure beautiful natural pregnancy photos, we have to think about the background and the clothes. While I'll care about the background, you'll select your clothes (even if you can get my expertise in choosing clothes also).

I recommend using a minimalist and neutral color background and It has to match well with your colors of clothes. It can be interesting to consider a soft and natural color palette. It will create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

You sould consider white, gray, brown, beige, black, dark green etc. as perfect colors. And for more inspiration, you can check also this link.

5. Le light contributes to get natural pregnancy photos

So, we have a beautiful setting and scenario, but that's not all for having beautiful natural pregnancy photos. Even if we go into a more technical aspect, it seemed essential to me to talk about it here. To have beautiful photos, light is one of the most important factors.

Indeed, it's the very basis of the photo, without light, the photo does not exist. Knowing how to work it to have the result that you want is essential. You might think how does the light bring this sweetness then ? Well, the light will allow you to highlight the details of your skin as well as the textures while avoiding harsh shadows or unwanted reflections. A soft and direct light will also allow to have colors more faithful to reality. I have been working for years on the accuracy of the color of skin and I can assure you that the light has a strong impact on it.

It is for this reason that you will 'almost' never see me working in artificial light. I say almost because in Norway it can be difficult certain months of the year with the light which is darker. Anyway, if I have to use lighting, my vision will be to stay as faithfully as possible to natural light.

If you come to my studio or if I come to your home, I will always try to find the right light present in this place. You'll see me scrutinizing it ans adapting to it. This requires a permanent adjustment but it is also what makes the beauty of the natural, the spontaneity.

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