Mother & daughters Co-breastfeeding photoshoot

What is Co-breastfeeding ?

I started my business as a photographer here in Norway a few months ago. To celebrate this new beginning, I offered a photoshoot to a mother who wanted to keep memories of this key stage in a woman's life. I went to meet Anna who wanted to do a Co-brestfeeding photoshoot with these two girls. Two babies who are not the same age but who share breast milk, it was so beautiful to see.

Breastfeeding a child takes time and a lot of energy, I greatly admired this mother for her courage and all this tenderness towards these two girls. When you choose to breastfeed you can sometimes be poorly accompanied so if you want to learn more about co-breastfeeding, I recommend you this article.

If I could describe Anna's co-breastfeeding, her eldest liked to take advantage if this moment to play with her mother, which offered a nice moment filled with complicity. As her newborn daughter sought breast milk for nourishment and soothing, finding comfort. The mother managed to adapt very well to the needs of these girls and this offered great photographic opportunities.

Mother & daughters breastfeeding photoshoot

You have to be patient and stay alert both mother and photographer when it comes to making images with toodlers. We must not rush them and impose poses or come and join us. The best thing is to let them move, come and go as they wish. The advantage is that they will be good compositions and they will take this moment as a game. And that's exactly what we want, see them smile and not the other way around.

I took advantage of the comings and goings of the eldest to immortalize images of Anna with her newborn. Then came the time to share a moment of games with the eldest.

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I leave you with the words of Anna :

"Even before I met Sophie, I felt safe. Sophie is so comfortable and down to earth, and I noticed that alone in her messages. I'm not really comfortable in front of a camera, and I was nervous before the actual photo shoot. But I quickly felt relaxed in Sophie's company, and it ended up that the photography came to go very naturally. I love all the pictures I got from the photography. Although I'm self-critical, I've had absolutely amazing and beautiful pictures with my kids, and I love every single picture. Sophie has really managed to capture the love and I love the atmosphere in them all. Thank you very much, Sophie. You are really skilled and professional, and I would love to work with you again!"

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