Intimate portrait with Virginie in Koné, New Caledonia

Today I wanted to present to you the photoshoot that put me on the path to "Selflove portrait" towards women. My meeting with Virginie was such a powerful trigger in my work that I had to tell you this story : when it all started !

First of all, here is the context: at that time, I was living in New Caledonia, in a small village of about 8000 inhabitants. I was very far from the capital (3h30) and I lived in a place where 70% of the locals (Kanaks) lived there. It was quite complicated for me to continue photographing the woman because I thought that the needs of the residents were not the same as in France. So I had made the choice to stop photographing women, even though that's what I've always been doing.

And then one day I receive a message from Virginie asking me for information for a photoshoot. I send her my prices for a family session but Virginie replied with these few words: "I don't want to take a photo with my family but rather a session for me, alone". I must admit that her message surprised me a lot. At that time, my communication concerning my portraits of women was almost nil. That's when we started talking about setting up this photoshoot, just for her.

When we met, Virginie confided to me her fear of passing time, which took her beauty with it. She confessed to me her devotion to her family without ever really taking the time to take care of herself. She wanted to open a parenthesis, a moment of hers that could not be stolen. Virginie had touched and moved me so much in front of so much confidence. A long debate ensued on the place of women in our society.

Once the session was over, I understood that she had opened up a real need in me : to give back the place to the woman in her body, her state of mind and the need for me to resume my women's portrait sessions.

I could still talk for a moment about this wonderful encounter, but I prefer to leave you with a few words from Virginie after giving her the gallery with her photo :

Sophie !!! I love them so much ! I would never have imagined such a result, what softness... what light, everything is just right. 1000 thanks, it was a pleasure to have shared the moment with you, in this intimacy between women, it's magic. The discovery of the photos is as fabulous as the afternoon. Keep doing what you love, it works for you! »