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You are reading these lines because you have decided to throw out the rules and celebrate your love in a unique and personal way.

Yes: you are going to elope in Norway. Congratulations!

You have made the choice to have a wedding that feels just you and live an unforgettable experience. We are going to get along just great!

Sophie Brioudes, a photographer in Norway

I’ll be honest with you, I never liked following the rules either!

I went on an adventure to the other side of the world and have been living abroad since 2018. Since that day my outlook on life has completely changed. I uprooted myself to put down better roots. These experiences allowed me to give meaning to my life.

That's why I create meaningful experiences for sensitive souls looking for adventure that thrills their hearts. I am deeply convinced that the most beautiful stories to tell are here, in the unexpected experiences that we allow ourselves to live.

Here is me with my husband during our honeymoon photos. We have never been attracted to traditional weddings. This way of getting married did not represent our vision of a dream wedding. So in 2018, we got married in France with only 10 people around us. Then, we took our photos of our newlyweds 1 year later in Australia.

Even though the Elopement already existed at that time, I didn't know about the possibility of getting married this way. In France it wasn't so popular. And yet, I wanted to get married like this.

Today I still have no regrets about the way we did it. It represented us and I truly believe we wouldn't have gotten married to do it any other way.

A major part of my process as your elopement photographer & videographer, is working with you to plan every single moment of your day! I’m literally here to help you with everything and anything!

Need help picking out a location? I’ll create a custom guide for you. Picking out your style and attire? I’ll bombard you with links. Hiring vendors? I have the dream team list! What to pack and bring? I’ll share with you my checklist. Need anything else? I got you!

And even more than that, we will create a special connection that will be based on trust, listening and kindness.

Norway Elopement Packages

Let’s capture what makes your heart beat, together

religious ceremony in the mountains in norway

79 300 NOK

- All VAT & payment charges included

- 6 990€ | 7 515 $ USD

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Intimate wedding in Norway

Lasting memories

For lovers who wish to live their dream day close to their desires

65 800 NOK

- All VAT & payment charges included

- 5 800€ | 6 240 $ USD

bride and groom in a norwegian landscape during autumn

Memorable experience

For lovers who wish to live a meaningful moment

55 000 NOK

- All VAT & payment charges included

- 4 850€ | 5 200 $ USD


"Thank you SO MUCH! We are in love with these photos and spent the morning reliving that magical day. The video was put together so beautifully and had us both in tears. The audio quality is fantastic, and everything just seems like it came together effortlessly (even though I know how much effort you put into that day!). You did a great job taking the lead and directing us to get as many poses & photos of the day. I feel like you understood our goals really well and you made it an easy process. Your replies were always informative and collaborative. You were organized and focused on what our wants were. Your suggestions and knowledge helped grow our vision. You were easy to talk to from day 1, and I never felt judged. You are a knowledgeable & talented photographer who does a great job helping her clients build their custom experience, and in doing so, you provided the best souvenir I could have asked for."

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