Which season to elope in Norway ?

The season to elope in Norway that you choose will be very important. Indeed, there is a huge difference in terms of colors, sunshine and temperatures between the seasons. Finding out what kind of weather you may experience during your stay can be also helpful. Through the seasons the experience you will live will not be the same. Thinking about the type of landscape you are looking for will help you know which season is right for your wedding day.

You must also be aware that having a good rain forecast can be quite complex. The Norwegian saying goes “there is no bad weather, only bad clothes”. Adopting the Norwegian mindset will only make your experience more wonderful!!

Let's go for an overview of the seasons in Norway:

Winter's season to elope

In December, January and February the days of sunshine are quite short. The days lengthen extension after mid-January. During the winter solstice, it takes 3 hours of sunshine in the north against 5 hours for the south. In the north, the sun touches the horizon but never fully rises. The colors in the sky are beautiful. During this period, some roads are not plowed. Other roads may also be temporarily closed if there has been heavy snowfall. It's important to prepare your itinerary well to not find stuck or have to make a considerable detour. The season is perfect for skiing and the Northern Lights. The landscapes are also magnificent and, if you dream of a landscape covered with snow, you will be delighted. Activities such as skiing, snowshoeing and dog sledding are also open.

When to elope in Norway. Winter in Norway
Winter in Norway - Vestland

Spring elopement in Norway

In March, the snow is still present over a large part of the territory. It will be necessary to wait until April and May for the snow to begin to disappear. It will always be possible to see it on top of the mountains. If you are planning mountain hikes, the period can be critical with avalanches. So you will have to find out before you leave. The melting snow allows you to observe beautiful waterfalls. The midnight sun begins in the north. Some roads can still be closed.

May can be a nice month to discover a little more about Norwegian culture. May 17th is Norway's National Day, it's a great day of celebration with family and friends. During this day, all Norwegians parade through the streets in traditional Norwegian dress. There are also many public holidays. So if you want to enjoy nature, this shouldn't impact your adventure too much. Keep an eye out for public holidays in Norway during this time. You could avoid unpleasant surprises like closed supermarkets.

To check public holidays in Norway, you can click here.

Landscape in Rogaland, norway
Landscape in Rogaland, Norway

Summer's season to elope in Norway

The months of June, July and August are very popular. The days are longer with the midnight sun and the temperatures are milder. The weather can be very variable depending on the year with a present sun or a lot of rain. These weather nuances will bring a lot of character to the images and you should not be afraid about that. Mid-June and July are the most touristic periods. Popular places can get crowded quickly. Mid-August you will have fewer tourists and a good time to avoid the crowds. The midnight sun is ending and the risk of rain is higher.

waterfall in åbøddalen norway
Waterfall in Åbødalen, Norway

Autumn elopement in Norway

From September to November, the days will gradually get shorter. In mid-November, the sun will set around 4 p.m. in southern Norway (expect an earlier sunset in the north). The fall's season to elope is pretty nice, most tourists have left and the colors are very stunning across the country. The snow is not quite there yet so roads are still open. Although snow may appear from mid-October, the roads are still open.

Which season to elope in Norway
Fall color in a Norwegian landscape

The most common season to elope in Norway are April through early October. It's definitely possible do elopement all over the year. Whatever the season that you'll choose for your elopement in Norway, remember that it's first and foremost your day.

So, you already know which season is made for your D-Day ? Book me here

Tips to deal with the weather and road closures

If you want to keep an eye on the weather during your stay, I can recommend these 2 websites/apps for weather forecast:
YR: the data comes mainly from the Norwegian meteorological institute. The forecast is often pretty accurate.
Windy: this app will give you information about rain, temperature, wind, etc. and you can view it on the map. You also have the timeline which shows you the evolution of the weather over the hours.
If you want to have a quickly view Windy can be helpful but if you want to be sure before planning a hike YR will be more precise.

You can also check regularly for the road conditions here, as knowing when the mountains roads close and open.

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