What is the (Real) cost of an Adventure Wedding in Norway?

A wedding, in general, is organized only once in the life of a couple. When you decide to get started, it's not easy to know the price of the different providers and external costs. When you also plan to do it abroad, the exercise can be even more complex. It's also quite possible that you will come to visit this country for the first time. So it can be really challenging to expect what will be the cost of an Elopement in Norway.

In this article, I will tell you about the average price that you should consider for your small adventure wedding day in Norway. This average price will be calculated for a couple with 2 nights and 8 hours of photographer coverage.

The budget related to your adventure wedding in Norway

If you decide to have an adventure wedding in Norway, it may be interesting to know the expenses associated with your stay. Indeed, it is very likely that you will decide to stay a little longer than just a few days. You will definitely want to take the opportunity to visit the country, and you will be right, Norway is so beautiful!

Of course, the budget you will put into your wedding will depend on several parameters: your income, the choice of country and your wedding's style. But from a practical point of view (essential need), here are the essential costs of your stay:

Food and drinks

A meal in a budget restaurant will be between 12 and 35€. For mid-range restaurants (three courses), it will take between 65 and 150€. Alcohol can also be quite expensive, a bottle of beer will be between 2.5 and 4.5€. Be aware that it is possible to travel with alcohol. If you want to know what is allowed to carry during your stay in Norway, take a look at the regulations, right here.


You will certainly like to offer yourself a nice place in the middle of nature to celebrate your experience in its entirety. Prices vary greatly depending on the season, location, level of comfort and facilities available. Some establishments will want you to book at least 2 nights (or more).

“Hytte” are very popular wooden huts in Norway. Cabin stays are an important part of the Norwegian way of life, that's why on average 1 in 2 Norwegians owns one. These are comfortable chalets surrounded by nature that can, most of the time, accommodate a small group of people. Choosing this type of accommodation means choosing to live the experience as close as possible to Norwegian culture. Prices vary greatly depending on the service (modern chalet VS very old and rustic). A chalet like the photo below will cost between 200 - 300€ so on average 250€ per night.

How much doest it cost to elope in norway

You can also choose to stay in a more atypical place where Norwegian nature blends perfectly with the architecture. Regarding these renowned places, it is necessary to consider a reservation well in advance (6 months or even more in high season). The price for 2 nights is around 700€. To get an idea of these incredible places to stay, you can check this link of this treehouse or the one of the cabin with a view of the fjord. Choosing to live the Norwegian experience means trying these wonderful places to stay. They offer a spectacular view of the heart of nature.

A night in a hotel will be cheaper for you, but most of the time you will not be able to cook. Be aware, however, that on average, you can count 185€ per night for a room in a hotel.

It's also possible to find cabins in campsites, you can find them around 45€ per night.

The place of the ceremony

If there is a great advantage to doing a wedding in Norway it is for the accessibility of the places for free. You can have your ceremony almost anywhere. The right of access to nature is an integral part of the country's identity. It's a right and it's protected by law, it's call “Allemansretten”, click here to discover more.

Style of the wedding

If you prefer to enjoy nature and only plan a hike, it won't cost you anything. As mentioned just before, access to nature is a right and it's free. On the other hand, if you want to carry out an activity such as northern lights experiences, dog sledding or whale safari, it could cost you up to 2 500 € (even more). To be honest, nature is breathtaking and enjoy the outdoors will offer you an amazing experience, not to mention reducing the cost of your elopement in norway.

The choice of the providers

Florist: The price can vary from 150 up to 350€ depending on the size and type of flower. It's necessary to plan on average 250€.

Make-up artist-hairdresser: The price hair and make-up wedding (both) will normally charges between 570 and 1 200€ so on average 885€ (both).

Photographer: This is one of the most important service providers in your adventure. In addition to accompanying you on your intimate adventure, you photographer will be there to help you plan your day. It's, therefore, not just a question of obtaining photos but also of having a fresh feeling with her. The budget also varies greatly depending on the reputation of the photographer and her expertise. Some photographers will offer you for a day while others can follow you for several days. On average, you can consider between 3 500 and 5 000€, so an average of 4 250€ (from 8 hours coverage).


From Europe and out of season, it's possible to find plane tickets at around 300€ per person one way. In high season (mid June-July-mid August), it will be necessary to add the double (it can cost even more if you book at the last minute). So on average, you can travel for 650€ per person from Europe to Norway a round trip.

You can rent a car in most towns in Norway. Car rental in low season is 289€ (average 441€ in high season). The liter of gasoline also varies according to the acute crisis, that varies between 1.9 and 2.5€.

Finally, how much does an adventure wedding for two people cost in Norway?

If I go back to the listing through this article, the cost of an Elopement for 2 people, i.e. 2 nights and 8 hours of photo reportage is:

• Meals and drinks (2 breakfasts, 3 economy meals, 1 gourmet meal, 1 bottle of champagne and 2 bottles of wine): 640€
• Accommodation: 700€
• Florist: 300€
• Make-up & artist-hairdresser: 885€
• Photographer: 4.250€
• Plane + car rental (3 days) + petrol: 2.615€
• Road tax (ferry-toll): €100

Finally the price for an adventure wedding in Norway is 9 500€ (2 people + 2 nuits + 8h photographer coverage). However, if you decide to get married out of season and you like simplicity, it can be much lower. To find out what to expect in terms of weather and landscape according to the seasons, you can view this article.

It's all about choice and what matters most to you!

Looking for more information? Ready my Guide to Eloping in Norway for more helpful advice.

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