Nithtayyea & Christoffer – Elopement at Haugesund, Norway

April 01, 2022 will forever be in my mind, it's the first day I did my very first Elopement here in Norway. Nithtayyea is Canadian, Christoffer is Norwegian and they live in Haugesund, Norway. It was therefore quite natural that they wanted to celebrate their marriage in the city where they settled.

They made the choice to have a simple wedding in a small committee, just with their witnesses. I joined them at Rådhuset in Haugesund for their ceremony. The municipality was so beautiful that we took the opportunity to take some pictures inside.

Then, we headed outside to get some cute footage of the couple on the docks at Smedasundet. We were also able to see the roof of their house to end up going at the foot of their house. Finally, we took advantage of the rays of the sun to have a walk in the streets of Haugesund.

A nice sunny moment for a beautiful day.