Sophie Brioudes Photographe © 2020

19 July 2019

Family lifestyle photo session – Ouano beaches

Fanny & Jérôme are the happy parents of Titouan and Abigail. After 12 years of living in New Caledonia, the small family has chosen to go sailing towards new horizons. So it was on this occasion that Fanny came to me to immortalize their fondest memories in New Caledonia.

The place was decided quite naturally: it will be the beaches of Ouano à la Foa! They spent many weekends there, camping and indulging in their passion, kitesurfing. This place means a lot to them, it’s like “their second home” Fanny confides to me in our discussions.

You can’t imagine how strongly these words vibrated in me! I knew that at that precise moment, I was not just going to take pictures but to tell a strong symbolic story for this family.

And then there were those moments of hugs, laughter and complicity so strong and beautiful to see … all that builds your connection, your uniqueness … your you, your Family as it is.

Because I can’t repeat it enough, I don’t want to be “just your photographer”, more than anything I want to “tell your story” with all the sweetness, naturalness and simplicity that I know. And it is your confidence, your naturalness and your spontaneity that will allow us to create your most beautiful memories.

Thank you Fanny, Jérôme, Abigail and Titouan for this wonderful time spent together, for your trust! I wish you many more beautiful moments with the Family <3