Sophie Brioudes Photographe © 2020

Adèle & Yann – Honeymoon in New Caledonia

Charlotte, Adèle & Yann’s friend send me an e-mail to offer them a honeymoon photoshoot. I really loved our many exchanges, it was funny to read her vision of their relationship.

I must confess something to you, I am a curious woman and for this reason, I love asking you a lot of questions. When I learn more about you, it allows me to better guide you during our photoshoot.

Through our exchanges, I’ve been amazed to see how Charlotte knew her friends so well. She could be able to give me a lot of details on their lovestory that I loved above all.

And then, I met Adèle & Yann and it was as if we had known each other for a very long time. They trusted me on everything and they were totally relaxed. They wanted natural and authentic images and it’s great because that’s what I love achieving the most.