Sophie Brioudes Photographe © 2020

About me

In my first life, I invested my time in environmental conservation as an engineer. I’ve spend five years on working in engineer offices then the public service. I didn’t know if it was really my place, at this point in my life. And then one day, I ran away from my daily life to settle down in New Caledonia. I didn’t know it, at this moment, but looking back that lifestyle change was the start of something.

The geographical distance and the return to the wild allowed me to discover the person that I really was. I quickly realized that I needed to find meaning in what I was doing and above all to accomplish my mission in close collaboration with my values. Being a photographer, it’s not just triggering at the right time, it’s a sharing of point of view and values on what we do.

What I enjoy

Walking barefoot
Discvover the world
The authentic moments
Powerful ocean waves
Play piano

What I love

Find my ikigaï
Become fluent in English and Norwegian
Discover new cultures
Capture the ligth on the shadow
Cultivate the positive

The Backstory

I really started taking pictures when I lived in Paris. It was a period when I was trying myself. Of a hypersensitive nature, I needed to figure out my emotions. I would spend almost all evenings at building projects around the portrait. I needed to understand myself, to create and to express my feelings though these women I met. That feeling hasn’t gone away for me, I’m never happier than when I focus myself on women portrait. My many portrait shootings have taught me one thing : it’s the naturalness, the sweetness and the grace in a woman that I love the most.

I love to find these emotions and values in the wedding reports that I lead. Combining wedding images with a qualified and sensitive eye for portraiture allows me to make the most of you.

I’m fully aware that you are not professional models, which is why with my approach, you can be completely natural and yourself.

For my two years being in New Caledonia, I sought to develop my gaze further : family, couple, wedding (which I already knew). It was important to keep consistency in my work, lights being the most complicated parameter to manage in New Caledonia. I learned to improve where all had to start : light management.

Today, I am starting a new life experience and I have just moved to Norway. Yes, I forgot to tell you, when I’m not photographing, I love metting new people, discovering another culture and gaze at vast landscapes.



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